Develop and deliver beautiful interface in clean, modular HTML, React, and CSS.

My name Faisal Amir, a Web Developer or UI Engineer, I'm 30 years old, Bachelor's degree, IT multimedia at Universitas Nasional, Experience in the field of creating User Interface and convert it into code for creating a functional interaction for user experiences. If you have designed a interface where you have to explain, then your interface is too complicated and needs to change, let me help you.

Mostly what i do in projects or team

Take a product concept from wireframe to high fidelity prototype through iterative user testing and refinement.

Working with designer to test design on customers to understand user behaviour, pain points and needs.

Create pixel perfect responsive CSS, component, and assets that will be used by our development team.

A few projects that I have worked on


Nov 2018 - Today

Sr. UI Engineer / Frontend Engineer

Fintech company for make education affordable in the Philippines and Indonesia.

What they say about me:

Faisal is a hidden gem. I've worked with him at ErudiFi ( & The unique trait that he possesses is his eagerness to learn and how adaptable he is with any tech stack of choice in an organization. He consistently delivers beautiful web-app using React for and error-free web-app using Elm for, the application used by more than thousands of users in the Philippines and Indonesia to get affordable tuition financing plan for their studies.

Abdurrachman Mappuji

Ex.Lead Softwere Engineer ErudiFi & Founder of Kulkul Technology

Rupiah Token

May 2019 - Jul 2019

Freelance UI Engineer

The Most Adopted Indonesian Rupiah Stablecoin.

What they say about me:

Faisal has multi talents, we were working on some front end development project. His capability for web design programming is wonderful, he able to do in many code language programs. What most i like work with Faisal is the communication, he can translate the result exactly like the design request. He able to discuss if we faced a problem and tackle the solution together.

Anggit Yuniar Pradito

Founder of Omnicreativora Studio, UX-UI Consultant

Sleekr by Mekari

Dec 2016 - Oct 2018

Sr. UI Engineer

Sleekr is an Modern HR Software, Complete & Powerful Features.

What they say about me:

I had the pleasure of working with Faisal at Sleekr. Faisal was always a strong power player on my design team. I highly enjoyed his enthusiastic about design and anything related to user interface design and user experience. I think any team would be happy to have Faisal working with them. I would recommend Faisal to anyone looking for a world class HTML Developer or UI Designer.

Dirman Suharno

CDO of Mekari & Founder of Harnods


Nov 2014 - Nov 2016

UI Designer / Jr. UI Engineer

Sribu is an online martketplace that connects clients who need graphic design services to a community of designers.

What they say about me:

I knew Faisal since he was a pure graphic designer with little knowledge of front-end web development while doing HTML slicing this-and-that. But that was the past, now Faisal is mastering his front-end skill into different level as I aware. He speak elm, react, and other language I was not familiar with. Glad to worked with him. Way to go Faisal!

Wenes Kusnadi


Make things better together.

Let’s talk about anything from Design, Accessibility, Frontend, Development, Prototyping, and Technology.

Weapons choice of applications, tools and tech stack what i used

ReactReact nativeExpoElmTypescriptGatsbyNextSCSSStyled componentsEmotionWagtailCSSStrapiGulpGruntPugLESSVanila JSRailsTailwindBotstrapSlim langJqueryGithubDockerGitlabVercelHerokuNotionVscodeItermFigmaPhotshopIllustrationSketch
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